Value Investing in Growth Companies

Value Investing in Growth CompaniesGrowth companies have proven to be among the most attractive investments especially after a financial downturn. Unfortunately, investors often buy them at the wrong price, at the wrong time.

Introducing the new age value-growth investing model made famous by legendary investors such as Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch, this concept combines both value and growth investing that has catapulted Buffett’s investment returns.

Skillfully pieced together with real-life case studies, you will see first-hand how masterful investing strategies can be implemented to consistently bring home the BIG WIN in the stock market. This book will show you how to go deep into the heart of any business and uncover potential growth companies at pennies on the dollar – yielding colossal capital returns when you finally sell them.

If you are someone who likes to see BIG, FAT returns from your investments, and dares to be a little adventurous, you’ve got to read this book… at least before it is sold out…

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Praise for Value Investing in Growth Companies

“Bottom-up investing is all about discovering value early, getting into the stock well before the crowds and exiting as mainstream investors move in and push up the valuation.The techniques outlined herein are timeless and can be referred to over and over again as you progress in yourinvestment journey. This is an enlightening read and thoroughly enjoyable for those interested in learning about value-investing and starting their investing journey.”

Digby Falkiner
Former Indonesian Research Director at Deutsche Bank
Former Regional Research Operations Head at Societe Generale

“Victor and Rusmin have broken down the complex and arcane art of stock picking through fundamental analysis into easy-to-understand concepts and examples. Most of the examples used are of local companies and that made it easy for me to relate to them. I highly recommend this informative book to everyone who wants to learn more about value investing.”

Lim Dau Hee
Group IT Director of ShareInvestor Pte Ltd

Value Investing in REITs

Value Investing in REITsDo you dream of investing in prime property and collecting thousands in rental income from your tenants every single month? I’m sure you do! The only problem is most of us regular folk don’t have extra cash sitting around to simply invest in property at all.

But what if there was a way for you to own prime pieces of property without expensive downpayments, heavy mortgage loans and costly stamp fees? And what if you could own property and collect recurring passive income without having to search for tenants, chase them for rent and handle their complaints?

Well you can – through REITs. Inside this book you will discover…

  • What REITs are and how to invest in them profitably
  • The advantages of investing in REITs versus owning high-priced property
  • How REITs can generate high, consistent dividends for you immediately
  • 23 real-life case studies that prove the income-producing power of REITs
  • Costly mistakes you must avoid that amateur REITs investors make all the time
  • How to analyse REITs in 6 simple steps and unearth exceptional ones that will mint you a tidy fortune safe and securely

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Praise for Value Investing in REITs

“This is an exceptionally informative and interesting book on REITs in Singapore. Value Investing in REITs provides the A-Zs of investing in REITs. The author has provided in-depth discussions, scenarios and examples which are engaging and useful for the REITs investor.”

Ong Kah Seng
Director of R’ST Research

Value Investing for Employees

Value Investing for Employees

Are you sick of your “dead-end job” wondering if you’ll ever get anywhere successful in life? Or do you wonder if you’ll ever achieve your financial goals and live your life the way YOU want it?

The truth is any common employee can become rich and wealthy working away at their 9-5 job. How do you do it? Through the power of Value Investing and how it can build you a million-dollar net worth — even if you’re over 40, married with kids, and making less than $3,000 a month!

Inside this book, you will discover:

  • What Value Investing is and why it is the KEY to your financial freedom
  • How one former schoolteacher value-invested his way to wealth, two profitable businesses, and a condominium!
  • What Albert Einstein calls the most powerful force in the universe and how you can use it to grow your wealth exponentially
  • How to stop losing money in the stock market — using the MODS Investment Principles
  • How to find the right stocks to invest in that will make you consistent investment returns year after year
  • How to accurately value a stock and needlessly avoid paying over the odds
  • How to monitor your investments and manage your portfolio like a seasoned professional
  • When to pay buy, hold and sell your stocks to MAXIMISE your investment returns
  • … and much more!

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Praise for Value Investing for Employees

“Value Investing for Employees is a must-read for anyone who wants to learn sound, time-tested principles that every investor can use to achieve their financial freedom. In my many years in the financial field, it is possible for any employee with the right mindset and sound financial knowledge to significantly improve their financial position through prudent money management and making long-term investments – all of which and more is covered in this impressive guide to value investing.”

Sarjit Singh FCA,FCPA
Chief Financial Officer

“This wonderful, concise and well-organised wealth creation manual offers a solid foundation in common sense value-based business and management assessment. Value Investing for Employees offers even a novice investor of modest means a valuable exposure to the timeless wisdom of Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham-styled stock selection and portfolio management techniques.”

Curtis J. Montgomery
Author of Sun Tzu Investing

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