Value Investing Summit 2012

Are you read for the biggest mega event to kick start your new year ?

Don’t miss the upcoming Value Investing Summit that will be held in Singapore in February 2012.

Value Investing Summit has lined up a group of speakers who have, in total, control a US$1.1 BILLION worth of investments.

Yes, a BILLION… the one with the capital B.

If you want to pick up the art of investing… especially if you are a fan of Warren Buffett, then you may not want to miss this mega event of the year.

More details about the event can be found on the website itself, including the speaker profile, what the event is about and the topics, strategies and secrets that will be disclose and revealed in this 2 day mega event.

But you need to be fast, because this event is only limited to 500 seats… and once its gone, its gone.

The economy is gloomy… and opportunity is presenting itself in front of you. In 2008, 19,897 new millionaires emerged from the crisis… and more will make their million dollar mark this coming one.

There couldn’t be a better time to learn about how you can take advantage of the economy and buy low… sell high…

Click the link to read more —- Value Investing Summit 2012

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  1. Lee says:

    Please send me the course details will be held in KL

    Thank you/

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