The almost certain Horse Racing nap.
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Hi Malcolm Must be the most AWESOME set of results I have ever seen. I put my hard-earned cash on 2 of them yesterday and even that couldn't stop your winning run. 

gravitywgy (forum member)

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Dear Horse Racing Fan

I would love to say that the selections you are about to read about were my own, but they aren't, in fact when the author first started sending me the selections I didn't even take much notice!

Then I realised after the first month every lay was a winner and after the second month and then the third!

After writing and testing plenty of system of mine own and from others, I am sure you will be sharing in my amazement of how consistent the results are with these selections.

The problem is there is no need to window dress or make it look better than it is, the system just hardly seems to lose, it's simply amazing!

The first thing you're going to ask yourself though "anything this good just has to have a downside doesn't it?".

Well, I wouldn't call it a "downside" I would just say that they make the system unique and are the reason why you are able to benefit from so many winners.

The odds can be high.

If you are new to laying this probably doesn't mean as much to you as it would if you had so please let me explain.

When you lay a bet on the exchanges like Betfair, they are really acting like a bookie and offering to pay out if the horse wins.

So say you lay a horse for £10.00 at 10/1 and the horse does win then you have to pay out a £100.00, 10 X 10 = £100.

Remember! Don't gamble your finances badly 

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Before you run off and say "forget it you must be mad Malcolm" ask yourself "why there are so many rich bookies around?"

The answer is they nearly never have to pay out at these odds, on most occasions a horse wins at 2/1 or under, in fact, it is somewhere in the region of 74% of favourites that win are less than 1 /2, so they don't have to pay out to much on those.

The higher the odds the less chances a horse has of winning, it stands to reason that's why the odds are higher, of course, they still do sometimes but nowhere near as often as the ones at lower prices.

The real trick is to find the ones that are most likely to lose, which if you take away the restraint of odds make this a little easier.

Why is this a service and not a system I can buy?

To be honest, it used to be, but 1, it is a very complex system to follow and we had a lot of technical support and 2, we really felt that it would be far better if we just sent the selections out daily, it also meant we could keep looking at the results and constantly try to improve the selection process.

Doing it this way also meant we could start off with a low trial month and then if you like what you were getting you could stay on but if you didn't then you could easily cancel your membership at any time.

We are the first to admit this service isn't for everyone and the results are here for everyone to see, so please make sure you are clear on this before you join the service.

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If your ready click here now to get your first months membership for just £9.99.

We show the results using a 1% staking plan and although this proves to work I wouldn't recommend it to people who are new to the service, there is a much better way...

When you join I will explain more, come on it is only £9.99 to try it out for a month.

Have a great days racing.

From the betting desk of Malcolm Pett



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